How much does an inspection cost?

Expert Property Inspection Consultants offers LOW, LOW RATES to all of our clients. Rates for a complete       inspection start as low as $250.00. In order to keep our rates the lowest they can be, we only charge for the time that is needed for the inspector. Things like size, a second story, older construction, detached buildings, and swimming pools add to the time needed and to the base price. However, even with the potential additions to the base price, our inspection rates are still among the lowest around.

How do I get a quote?

Just call our office at 602-861-0603 or click “Online Quoting” Fill in the information about your new home and we’ll call you with a price. We will ask you the square footage of the home or building, what amenities it may have (such as pool, spa, etc.), the year the home was built, and the location.  With that information, we can determine your total cost so that you can make a decision right then to schedule the inspection.

How long does an inspection last?

Average homes of approximately 2000 square feet may take two to two and one-half hours for a complete inspection.  Of course, no two homes are alike, so that time may vary depending on what the inspector may encounter.

Do I need to be at the inspection?

No, attendance isn’t necessary.  Some attend during the last half-hour to give them an opportunity to review the inspector’s findings.  Payment is due when your appointment is booked, and we accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, and DISCOVER.  We will also coordinate payment through your escrow with a credit card authorization hold.

When will I get the report?

The report is emailed the following business day if an email address is given. It is in PDF format and includes digital pictures of all the inspector’s findings.  The option of sending a hard copy, printed and bound, is available. 

What if the seller agrees to make repairs?  How can I be assured that they have been done, and done correctly?

Good News!  Our inspections include a follow-up visit for just this purpose at ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE TO YOU! You will be provided with a summary report indicating the status of the repairs.

I am considering a purchase of a vacation home in Pinetop.  Will your inspectors travel out of the valley area?

Yes!  For a nominal trip charge, we inspect statewide!